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Acceledent Invisalign

Passamano Orthodontics is proud to offer an accelerated orthodontic treatment method using a FDA-approved device ‘AcceleDent’  The AcceleDent System is designed to increase the rate of tooth movement by using a low level vibration to stimulate bone biology to increase the rate of tooth movement.  Acceledent is being used for mostly our Invisalign patients, but can also be used for braces.  In our office, patients using Acceledent with Invisalign change their aligner trays more frequent and finish treatment 30-40% faster.

How does Acceledent work with Invisalign or Braces?

The Acceledent is a mouthpiece that is worn for 20 minutes per day.  We are currently using it for both our Invisalign and Braces patients who want to speed up their treatment.  As you can see from the photos to the right, our patient would softly bite on the mouthpiece to help stimulate bone biology.  A recent study out of University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio statistically showed that tooth movement could be accelerated during the alignment phase by 106% and during the space closure phase by 38% – 50%, without an incremental change in root resorption.  At Passamano Orthodontics, we aim to reduce an Invisalign 20-24 month treatment to 14-18 months (based on our sample size).

Drs. Passamano are one of the few orthodontists in Southern California to offer the Acceledent appliance. Below are some patient benefits:

  • Accelerated tooth movement without compromised aesthetics
  • Compatible with braces and Invisalign for both adults and adolescents
  • Lightweight for comfort and use during daily activities
  • Hands-free design allows you to go about your daily activities during the 20 minute treatment.

*In our office, Acceledent is primarily used by Invisalign patients. It has shown to cut the treatment time by about 40%.  We would be happy to talk about our current and past Acceledent patient cases. 

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