Before and After Invisalign Treatment

Here are some Before and After Invisalign cases that we’d like to show you.  We take pride in completing our Invisalign / Invisalign Teen cases to the same quality as our braces patients. We hope this gives you a better understanding of what Invisalign can do for you.

Recent Invisalign Cases

As you can see, Invisalign can do more difficult movement than before.  We always say Invisalign Orthodontic treatment is a technique and not a product.  Invisalign Orthodontics is not the same wherever you go.  The quality and outcome of the treatment is solely based on the Invisalign doctor’s experience and training level.

Case 1

This patient wanted to improve the overall smile (32 months total)

Adult Femal Expansion With Invisalign

Case 2

This patient wanted her “wonky” upper left lateral incisor tooth fixed.  (16 months total)

Adult Female Lateral Incisor

Case 3

This teenager wanted to get straight teeth without braces.  This Invisalign Teen case turned out so well it earned the 2014 Top 100 Invisalign Case Result, an international award among Invisalign Orthodontist voted by orthodontist peers.  (30 months total)

Teen Invisalign with Spacing

Case 4

This young adult wanted to fix his front tooth that was rotated (18 months total)

Rotated Central Invisalign Adult Male

Case 5

This patient felt her two front teeth were long, but we just lined them up and it looks much better. (22 months total)

Adult Deep Bite Case Passamano Ortho

Case 6

This patient was born without a front tooth.  We were able to create space for her dentist to place an implant-crown as a replacement tooth.  We placed a ‘fake tooth’ were the missing space so it didn’t look like a missing tooth.  (36 months total)

Invisalign Teen with Implant

Case 7

This bride wanted to get her ‘Wedding-Ready’ Smile.  We were able to get it all finished before the big day. (10 months total)


Case 8

This teenage boy just didn’t want braces to fix his teeth.  (28 months total)

Teen Male Invisalign Class 2

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