Digital Teeth Scanner

Digital Teeth Scanner

We are proud to offer the latest advances to our patients,  digital teeth scanner for all our Invisalign and braces patients.  No more gaggy, messy impressions!

The Invisalign Teeth Scanner uses technology similar to a 3D camera to digitally scan your teeth instead of the traditional molds / impressions.  This method allows for better fitting aligner trays, which mean your teeth move more predictably and more efficient!  We feel that our Invisalign Digital Scanner is a fantastic benefit that further enhances our patients’ experience.

Advantages of our Invisalign Teeth Scanner vs Traditional Invisalign Impressions (Molds)

  • Accurate – more accurate data > better fitting trays > more predictable tooth movements
  • Comfortable – no more gagging or messy impression materials
  • No more re-do’s – we capture all your teeth with the scanning wand
  • Fast – we can get our aligners back to you quicker (1-2 weeks quicker).

Did you know we can do Digital Impressions for braces too?  Just ask us how.  

Our patients now digitally see their teeth and bite right away.

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