Orthodontics for Teens and Pre-Teens

Not all children will benefit from early treatment (Phase 1).  Some children will benefit from orthodontic treatment (including braces for teens) when most of their permanent teeth are present, or when 2-3 baby teeth are still present. This is also known as ‘One-Phase Treatment’ where orthodontics is only done one time instead of ‘Two-Phase Treatment.’

As certain facial bones can start to fuse together, Dr. Passamano should see your child by age 11 for females and age 12 for males.  We offer orthodontic options for teens and pre-teens such as Invisalign Teen, Clear Ceramic or Metal Braces for teens and pre-teens.

Orthodontics and braces for Teens and Pre-Teens is generally called one-phase orthodontic treatment.  It is similar to Phase 2 Treatment without having Phase 1 Treatment.  It is called full treatment because we straighten out all permanent teeth and give our patients the retainer that will keep their teeth straight for many years.

Below are some examples of teens / pre-teens that have benefited from orthodontic treatment in our office.

Invisalign and Braces for Teens and Pre-Teens

Before and After Photos
Case 1
This 12-year old female needed orthodontic treatment because upper left canine was stuck (or impacted), anterior crossbite (upper tooth was on the wrong side of the lower teeth), general crowding,  and the bite was a little off too.  We were able to bring in her blocked canine orthodontically and fix her bite as well.  We were able to give her a smile that will last a lifetime.

Case Female Block Canine Before After

Case 2
This 11 year old female patient had teeth coming in every direction possible!  We are glad her parents brought her in before certain bones started to fuse.  Kids at school made fun of her for her two front teeth sticking out too :-(.  We were able to correct her large overbite, get all her teeth in the correct positions and deliver an amazing smile for her.  Her parents were amazed at how much her personality changed from the orthodontic treatment.

Class 2 Overbite Before and After WOW

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