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Braces for Adults in Irvine, CA

You have probably considered braces for your children, but have you considered getting braces for yourself? What do you picture when you think of braces? You probably think of the big, clunky, painful braces from your childhood, but braces have advanced and their technology has come a long way since you were a kid! They are sleeker, slimmer and more comfortable than ever before, and are no longer just for kids. According to the American Association of Orthodontics, one in four orthodontic patients are adults. At Passamano Orthodontics, there is no age limit on a great smile! 

Modern materials and orthodontic advances make the braces experience much more comfortable and discreet than ever before. At Passamano Orthodontics, we offer advanced technology treatment with our custom 3D placed metal and clear braces. Our custom braces can move teeth faster than traditional braces, requiring 35% less time in treatment, on average. Braces have been straightening teeth for over 100 years, and remain the most popular treatment option, especially as their technology continues to improve and advance. 

Our custom clear braces are 3D printed and made from ceramic polycrystalline alumina brackets. They are available in white and translucent brackets, so you can maintain an aesthetic smile even during treatment. With LightForce technology, Dr. Passamano can create, customize and adjust your treatment plan along the way! Schedule your free consultation today and see what custom treatment plan Dr. Passamano will create for you!

The Passamano 3D Smile Simulator

Sneak a Peek at Your Gorgeous New Smile

Knowing your smile will change during treatment is helpful, but wouldn’t it be reassuring to see what your new smile will look like after treatment? Dr. Passamano’s smile simulator can take a photograph of you and your current smile and show you a comparison of your post-treatment smile! 

No more yucky, goopy impressions

Avoid the goopy mess and get impressions faster with our iTero digital scanner. The iTero scanner captures accurate and highly detailed images of your teeth and gums in no time!

It's quick and comfortable

A small camera placed over your teeth comfortably captures images of each one, and then displays a digital replica of your smile on the iTero screen in minutes!

Faster, more precise treatment plans

The iTero scanner creates a 3D model of your smile and allows Dr. Passamano to create a personalized treatment plan for you!

Adult Braces Options

It's Never Too Late to Get a Gorgeous Smile

Embracing your treatment journey is easy with our discreet and effective treatment options. At Passamano Orthodontics, we have two categories of adult patients, those who have never received orthodontic treatment, and those who need to fine-tune their teeth after years of shifting. Whatever category you find yourself in, we have the right treatment options for you! Dr. Passamano and his team offer LightForce 3D fully customizable braces. These braces are much more aesthetic than metal braces. Opt for white or translucent braces, and enjoy your path to a straight smile. 

Our adult patients typically come into our office ready for an aesthetic change, but straight teeth are actually healthier, as well. You might not think about it much, but straight teeth are healthy teeth. Prioitizing our physical, mental and spiritual health becomes increasingly important the older we get, but we often forget our oral health is a piece of our physical health. Correcting misaligned teeth can significantly decrease future dental problems like tooth decay, gum disease and difficulty chewing. Bacteria is harder to reach with misaligned teeth, and can cause long-term issues. Ideal teeth alignment can also decrease the likelihood of future systemic health problems such as heart disease and diabetes. Dr. Passamano wants to help you achieve a straight and healthy smile that will last a lifetime!

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