New Patients

For our children patients (ages 6-11), The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children have a routine orthodontic consultation around 7-8 years old.  This allows us to work with your child’s unique growth timeline to correct a variety of growth issues such as overbites, crowding and jaw relationships that can be addressed prior to all permanent teeth erupting.  Early interceptive orthodontic treatment has been shown to allow normal eruption of all teeth and help avoid teeth extractions.  Click here for more information on Orthodontics for Young Children.

For our teen patients (ages 12-18) , we believe that orthodontics should be fun and enjoyable.  We use a variety of orthodontic treatments ranging from mini metal braces, clear braces and Invisalign Teen to create beautiful smiles.  Check our our Before and After gallery to see what we can do for you.  Click here for more information on Orthodontics for Teens and Pre-Teens.

For our adult patients (18 and up), orthodontic treatment can be successful at any age!  Did you know that one of every four patients is over 21?  Drs. Passamano utilizes the latest advances of nearly invisible treatment such as Invisalign & clear and metal braces to attain a beautiful and natural smile.  Click here for more information on Orthodontics for Adults

Why Choose Us?

Drs. Passamano and staff want our patients to have a positive experience.  We believe that orthodontic treatment should be individualized for your orthodontic needs.  Our motto is simple:  “treat patients like our family” and that’s what Drs. Passamano have been doing for over 25 years while treating thousands of Orange County smiles.  At our office, you will have the unique experience of having two orthodontists working in conjunction to obtain the best possible smile for you!

Some Advantages of our Irvine Orthodontists Office

  • Two doctors working at the same time.  Our patients get the unique experience of having two orthodontists working on them.  We provide time-proven techniques with the latest in technological advantages so that you are getting the best possible treatment.
  • Our One Location Office – We are in the office 4-5 days a week so you won’t need to travel to another office if you have an emergency.  We do our best to make sure we are available when you need us.
  • Quality with Care – Thousands of smiles started and finished at our office.  We owe our success to the countless patient referrals and dentist referrals from happy patients.

Your First Visit?

Drs. Passamano believe that our patients come first.  When you set up an orthodontic consultation to see us, the doctors will personally ‘open the door’ for an initial examination to inform you of your orthodontic options.  We believe that orthodontic treatment should begin when orthodontics has the greatest effect, which sometimes means ‘Two-Phase treatment’, ‘Wait and See’, or ‘Start Now’.

Drs. Passamano will work with your dentist to assure that you are ready to start.  If you want to start treatment sooner, please make sure you have been cleared by your general dentist to start orthodontic treatment with a cleaning and check up.  We want to make sure your teeth are healthy for orthodontics.   Please come with questions and we hope that you come see in person!

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