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Before & After Gallery

Braces & Invisalign Before and After

Browse the images below to view real braces and Invisalign before and after photos and learn about our patients’ success stories. Each photo includes the treatment and age at which we treated the patient.

Young Adult Female Widened Smile Invisaligns

LA Blogger Widened Expended Jaws to Create Prettier Smile

This LA Blogger came from far away to get the...
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Underbite Fixed with Braces Asian Male

Underbite Class 3 Fixed with Braces Only No Surgery Amazing Finish

This teenager was told he needed expensive Jaw Surgery to...
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Invisalign Teen Asian Minor Crowding 12 months

This patient travels between China and Irvine and chose us...
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Lower Crowding Lots of IPR

Lower Crowding Fixed with IPR and Permanent Retainer, A++

Lots of crowding on the lower and NO CROWDING on...
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Extraction Young Asian

4 Premolar Teeth Extracted for AMAZING Profile and Lip Changes, A++++

EXTRACTIONS CAN BE BENEFICIAL.  In many Asians, there is a...
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Jaw Improvement with Braces

Reclined Jaw, Deep Bite, Large Overbite Corrected with Braces and Springs to Perfect!

This teenager had a retrusive jaw that was TOO FAR...
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Extraction Asian Female Retraction

Extraction 4 Premolars Asian Female with Excellent Result

This Asian female could not close her lips together at...
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Invisalign Teen with Angulation Issues

Invisalign Teen with Angulation Issues Corrected with Invisalign

Changing angulation in teeth without extractions is difficult but can...
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Adult Male Lower Incisor Extraction Crowding LOTS

Adult Male Lower Incisor Extracted Lot of Crowding Awesome Result

There are too much teeth to fit together and a...
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Invisalign 2 Months Female Diastema

Invisalign Express – 2 Months Only to Close Front Gap

This is the Invisalign 5 trays system (2 months only)...
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Lower Incisor Extractrion

Lower Incisor Tooth Extraction with Invisalign Only

Here's another lower incisor tooth that this patient's dentist needed removed....
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Lower Incisor Extraction Adult Female

73 year old with Lower Incisor EXTRACTION with Invisalign Only

You're never too old to start orthodontic treatment.  This 73...
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Rotated Laterals Invisalign Female Adult

Rotated Lateral Incisors and Dark Spaces Gone!

The rotated lateral incisors caused dark spaces to appear when...
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Teenage Female Upper and lower Crowding

Deep Overbite Corrected with Braces Only

This teenager didn't show her lower incisor teeth, which is...
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Slight Open Bite Crossbite Female

Incisor Tooth in CROSSBITE Corrected with Invisalign

She had a single tooth crossbite of the front left...
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Retraction of Anterior Teeth Invisalign Bride

Polishing + IPR = Better Lip Posture & Smile

Small changes add up to a BIG improvement.  Using Advanced...
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Open Bite Issues Invisalign Female Adult

Open Bite Corrected with Invisalign Only

This adult female had bite issues that have progressively been...
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Bicuspid extraction Teenager

Extraction of 4 Bicuspid Teeth Improves Facial Profile

Extraction / Removal of teeth should only be done when...
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Peg Laterals Invisalign Awesome Finish

Small Laterals No Problem! Fixed with Invisalign.

This patient chose to keep the upper lateral incisors smaller...
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Bride to Be Invisalign Young Indian Female

Wedding Ready Smile for this Bride using Invisalign

She wanted her teeth perfect for her wedding and we're...
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Underbite Fixed with Invisalign Only No Surgery

Underbite Fixed using Invisalign without Surgery

She was told she needed surgery.  Using Advanced Invisalign Techniques,...
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Wedding Ready Groom

Wedding Ready Smile for the GROOM using Invisalign

This soon-to-be groom wanted to fix his smile before his...
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Widening of Arches with Invisalign

Widening and Expanding with Invisalign

This adult female wanted to fix the crowding and also...
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College Male Crowding Rotations Invisalign

College Student Fixed Crowding with Invisalign

Long distance Invisalign orthodontic treatment.  With extra planning, we were...
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Diastema Closure Teenage Boy Invisalign

Wider Smiles and No More Space Between Front Two Teeth with Invisalign

We were able to expand the upper and lower arches...
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Flared Upper Incisors Fixed with Invisalign only No Extraction!

We fixed the upper incisor angulation from being 'FLARED' to...
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Incisor Tooth Crossbite! Fixed with Invisalign Teen

5 years ago, this would have to be braces.  But...
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Underbite Fixed with Braces Asian Male

Underbite Fixed Without Expensive Surgery!

WOW!  What a change without an expensive surgery.  Using advanced...
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Lower Spaces Fixed with Invisalign Teen

This young female wanted to close her bottom spaces without...
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No Room for Canine Teeth, No Problem with Invisalign Teen

Most wouldn't try to treat this case with Invisalign instead of...
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High Canine Tooth Fixed with Invisalign Teen

She didn't want braces to fix her right upper canine...
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Wedding Ready Smile with Invisalign 3

Wedding Ready Smile for the Bride in 10 MONTHS!

This bride was getting married in 10 months.  Using Advanced...
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Braces Fixed His Smile!

2 Years of braces was able to fix the alignment...
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Adult Female Invisalign Angulatation

Never Too Old

This 58 year female wanted to improve the front teeth...
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Upper Lower Crowding Teenage Female

Lots of Crowding Fixed with Braces!

This young female had lots of crowding.  We used braces...
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Cheerleader Treated with Braces

Cheerleader Wanted Braces

This high school cheerleader was given the option of braces...
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Wedding Ready Smile 8 Months

I Need My Teeth Perfect for My Wedding in 9 Months

This bride wanted the perfect teeth for her wedding with...
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Asian Wedding Ready Smile Invisalign

I’m Getting Married … Fix My Open Bite

This future bride needed her teeth perfect for her wedding...
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Male Diastema Invisalign Great Smile

Close My Gap with Invisalign in 20 Months

This Newport Beach finance broker didn't want braces to fix:...
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Male Invislaign with Black Triangle

Minor Crowding with Invisalign in 12 Months!

This young adult wanted to fix his lower crowding.  He...
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Asian Crowding Invisalign Teen

Female Teen with Crowding Resolved with Invisalign

This young female didn't want to get braces like her...
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Adult Open Bite Pretty Smile Female

Couldn’t Bite Lettuce – Open Bite Fixed with Invisalign Orthodontics

She couldn't properly bite into lettuce!  Without the proper overlap,...
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Lower IPR to get overjet

Not Enough Horizontal Overlap Fixed with Invisalign

This patient was biting prematurely on the front teeth only...
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Upper IPR Angulation Invisalgin

Changed Upper Incisor Angulation from Proclined to Normal with Invisalign

This patient wanted to change the angulation of the upper...
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Army Male Invisalign Crowding

Invisalign to Straighten this US Military Smile

This young male entering the U.S. Military wanted to straighten...
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Sleep Apnea Invisalign Treament

TMJ / Bite Issues Resolved with Invisalign!

This patient wore a TMJ appliance for YEARS, but the...
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Teen Minor Crowding and Bite Invisalign

Invisalign Teen for this Young Female – Minor Crowding and Bite Issues

This female teen achieved both correction of the crowding and...
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Compromised Constriction Invisalign

Compromised Invisalign Treatment but Looks Great!

You'd never know from the smile, but this is a...
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Boy Invisalign Teen Angulation and Spacing

Flared Upper Front Teeth Fixed with Invisalign for Teens

This young patient wanted to fix the 'flared upper front...
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Minor Movement 8 months

Minor Crowding Corrected with Invisalign Orthodontics

Here's a quick 8 month Invisalign case.  This patient had...
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Open Bite Female Teen Great Result

Large Open Bite Closed with Invisalign Teen

WOW!! What a transformation. This patient can now eat sandwiches...
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UCLA student crowding upper and lower Invisalign

Lots of Crowding Resolved with Invisalign

This patient has upper and lower crowding.   All teeth...
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Upper Lower Crowding Young Adult Female

Lots of Crowding Corrected Non-Extraction with Invisalign

This patient has lots of upper and lower crowding.  We...
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Anterior Crossbite Corrected Young boy

Anterior Crossbite in Phase 1 to Phase 2

The upper front teeth should be on the outside of...
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Canine Crossbite with Invisalign Adult

Adult Female with Both Canines on the Wrong Side!

Adult female presented with 3 front teeth in crossbite (top...
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Open Bite Class 3 Female Teen College

Underbite AND Open Bite Combo Problem Fixed with Invisalign

Here we have two problems:  an Open Bite (front teeth...
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Acceledent User Crowding Invisalign

Accelerated Invisalign Orthodontics using Acceledent, 18 Month Treatment

We used a newer Accelerated Orthodontics technique with Acceledent appliance....
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Phase 1 to Finish Boy Expansion

Spacing as a Kid to Big Natural Smile as a Teen

Here's a Phase 1 & 2 treatment that required creating...
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Diastema with Invisalign Asian Female

Large Tooth Gap or Diastema Fixed with Invisalign

This female had a LARGE diastema, which is the space...
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Serial Ext Before and After May 2014

Lots of Crowding in Phase 1 to Extractions to Phase 2 Braces to Finished!

For this young female, extractions of teeth were done prior...
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Wedding Ready Smile with Invisalign in 9 Months

  This bride wanted to get a Wedding Ready Smile...
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Young Asian Female  Perfect smile

Crooked Upper Teeth Fixed with Inivsalign

This young adult wanted to fix her front upper teeth....
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High Canines Invisalign Teen Case Male

High Canines Treated with Invisalign Teen

This was a combination expansion mechanics and Invisalign to get...
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Missing Lateral Incisor Invisalign Teen Passamano Ortho

Missing Upper Incisor Tooth with Spacing and Finished with Dental Implant

This young female was missing one of her upper front...
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Rotated Central Invisalign Adult Male

Rotated Central Upper Incisor with Invisalign in 14 months

This patient wanted to fix is upper right central incisor...
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Invisalign Teen With Spacing and Bite Correction

This teenager wanted to straighten her teeth without braces.  We...
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Adult Female with Invisalign What a Result

67 Year Old Says Never Too Late to Improve Smile with Invisalign

This 67 year old female said it is never too...
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Bride to Be Invisalign Young Indian Female

Wedding-Ready Smile for this Bride with Invisalign

This bride want to fix her teeth for her big...
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Adult Deep Bite Case Passamano Ortho

60 Year Old with Lower Crowding Used Invisalign Orthodontics

This woman wanted to fix her lower teeth for years...
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Diastema in Adult Female Invisalign

Adult with Diastema; Closed with Invisalign

This adult wanted to close the large space between her...
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Invisalign Teen Winner Male Teenage Class2

Invisalign Teen with Bite Correction, Great Smile

This teenager wanted to correct his teeth with Invisalign rather...
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Open Bite Phase 1 Expansion

Constricted Upper Jaw with Expansion Mechanics and Open Bite to Great Phase 1 Smile!

This young female has speech and eating issues.  The front...
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Braces Boy Smile

Braces to Close Spaces and Create a Great Smile

This young guy need a little more space to get...
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High Canines Before After

High Canines to Perfect Smile with Braces

This young female had all of her teeth in, but...
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Phase 1 Diastema to Finish BA

Age 8 with Spacing to Finished at 14 years old; Phase 1 + 2

This young girl had a little too much spacing between...
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Perfect Smile Invisalign Teen

Crooked Teeth as a Teen and Wanted Invisalign Teen

This teenager wanted to improve her smile without braces.  It...
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Only ONE Upper Tooth was Crooked, But What a Difference with Invisalign

Only the upper left lateral incisor tooth was crooked, but...
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Adult Femal Expansion With Invisalign

Invisalign Orthodontics with Expansion to Help Correct an Open Bite in the Front

Here's an Invisalign adult female case where we used expansive...
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Braces and Bite Correction to Fix a Large Horizontal Overlap of the Front Teeth

This young female presented with a large overbite showing very...
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Phase 1 Large Spacing with Blocked Canines to Phase 2 to Finish!

Here's a Phase I and Phase II treatment (2-Phase Treatment)....
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