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17 Year Old Amateur Golfer Beau Hossler Has Orthodontic Braces!

If you happened to be watching the 2012 U.S. Open of Golf at the Olympic Club in San Francisco, you may have noticed 17-year old amatuer golfer, Beau Hossler, atop the leaderboard.  At one point he was in first place while Tiger Woods was in second.  Upon further review, you will notice that Beau has orthodontic braces!

Beau is one of millions of people improving their smiles with orthodontic braces.  Way to go Beau!  Good luck with your golf career.

The list of athletes and celebrities that have had braces is long including: Tom Cruise, Danny Glover, Nicolas Cage, Gwen Stafani, Prince Harry, Ryan Seacrest (below), Serena Williams, Dakota Fanning, etc.

“Seacrest Out”

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