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Visit to Invisalign Headquarters in Costa Rica

In March of 2012, Dr. James Passamano had the opportunity to visit the Invisalign International facility in Costa Rica.  This ‘study club‘ visit to Costa Rica helped further his knowledge of Invisalign by learning the many internal processes.  Dr. Passamano says the most important part was the study club visit was to meet with his personal Invisalign technician.

One of the perks of doing hundreds of Invisalign cases is that the Invisalign company assigns a personal technician to us.  After many years of working together on Invisalign and Invisalign Teen cases for his patients, Dr. Passamano finally met (in person) his personal Invisalign Technician, Edward.  Together, Dr. Passamano and Edward create 3-D simulations of your teeth to determine final positions, bite and looks.  We work side by side (through the internet) to make sure that our patients’ Invisalign outcomes are achieved.

During this visit, Dr. Passamano also met with the Invisalign facility orthodontist and other staff members.

While in Costa Rica, Dr. Passamano visited a cloud forest, a rain forest, and many wild life.

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