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2013 Invisalign Award for Difficult Cases

Passamano Orthodontics was awarded the 2013 Invisalign Award for clinical efficiency and treatment case complexity.  Drs. James and Robert Passamano and staff have put many hours into our Invisalign training, treatment planning, design and implementation.  “The awards speaks volume to the time and effort that goes into our Invisalign treatment,” said Dr. James Passamano.

Invisalign Award Winner

(Pictured above is Drs. Passamano and staff with the California regional representatives for Invisalign.)  Many of these 2013 Invisalign Award for Difficult Cases can be seen at our Before and After Gallery.  “We work tirelessly with our Invisalign technicians to make sure that our patients’ treatment is efficient and completed to the same standard as our braces patients,” said Dr. Robert Passamano.

Drs Passamano Invisalign Award Winner

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