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Irvine Invisalign Orthodontist Visits Invisalign Headquarters Costa Rica

Dr. Robert Passamano visits Invisalign Headquarters in Costa Rica

Invisalign Costa Rica 1Dr. Robert Passamano was invited to the Invisalign’s global operations headquarter in San Jose, Costa Rica.  The team in charge of designing all Invisalign aligner trays, positions of teeth and the specific orthodontic tooth movements is done in Costa Rica.  Drs. Robert and James Passamano have spent thousands of hours working with our Costa Rica Invisalign technicians to create the beautiful smiles.

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Irvine Invisaign Orthodontists Costa RicaDr. Robert was finally able to meet our two Invisalign technicians, Edward and Gabriella.  Our long time technician, Edward has been with Invisalign for over 10 years since the early 2000s and has risen to become a Senior-Level Treat Technician.  Gabriella has been with our office for 2 years now.   Edward and Gabriella have been instrumental in Passamano Orthodontics being published 4 times in Invisalign’s top clinical cases in 2010, 2012, 2014 and coming again in 2015.

Irvine Invisalign Orthodontist Visits Invisalign Headquarters Costa Rica

Invisalign Orthodontists Passamano Orthodontics CRIn 2012, Dr. James Passamano had the opportunity to meet our Invisalign technician, Edward. At the time, Edward was our main Invisailgn technician.  As our number and complexity of our Invisalign Orthodontics office has grown, so has the need for another technician and hence Gabriella was added to our team. Instead of having a rotating technician, Passamano Orthodontics have two dedicated technicians who have an established relationship using specific treatment preferences for higher difficult tooth movements.

How does the Invisalign manufacture process work?

At Passamano Orthodontics, we use a 100% digital process rather than using impression molding. Our patients teeth are 3-D digitally scanned and sent to Costa Rica.  A team of 3-D model technicians create working teeth models for Edward and Gabriella to modify tooth movements.  Drs. Passamano go back and forth through Invisalign Orthodontic simulation software to allow predictable tooth movements.  Once approved, Invisalign Orthodontic trays are manufactured and sent to our office.

Pictured below is the group of Invisalign Orthodontist who visited the Invisalign global operations in Costa Rica

Invisalign Group Costa Rica

Passamano Orthodontics Irvine Invisalign Orthodontists

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