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Invisible Braces are Here! Introducing Lingual (Behind the Teeth) Braces

Invisible Braces are finally here!  Well, actually they have been around for 40+ years.  With recent technological advances in wires and smaller, comfortable braces … LINGUAL BRACES are back (and better than ever)!   Using robotically manufactured wires instead of traditional straight wires, we are now able to get quality results with comfort.  The biggest compliant with early lingual braces was the bulky braces with straight wires.  Using smaller braces with looped-style wires, patients can talk and floss easily.

We’re excited to offer lingual braces to our patients.  This type of braces offers the perfect balance of metal wires and esthetics.   Placed behind the teeth, the lingual braces offers the reliability of traditional braces with the cosmetic benefit of clear aligners.  At our Passamano Orthodontics office … we’re noticing a decrease treatment time around 40% with an average lingual braces case of 10-12 months.


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